Metavault DAO


Metavault DAO ecosystem

Q1 2022:

Metavault DAO launch on Fantom mainnet (22.Feb.2022)
MVD / sMVD / gMVD token Fantom mainnet launch (22.Feb.2022)
1,1 Bond sales live
3,3 Staking rewards live Fantom testnet
Major marketing operation initiates
Marketing campaign Metavault DAO & Trade
Additional bond offerings (4,4 & other assets)

Q2 2022: launch on Polygon mainnet
MVX , MVLP , esMVX tokens Polygon mainnet launch
6,6 Governance Staking +
Metavault DAO migration from Fantom Opera to Ethereum Mainnet
CEX listings (MVD)

Q3 2022:

Development of DAO-owned SaaS
Rebranding of the Metavault Ecosystem (new dapps and landing pages)
Governance moving "into office"
First treasury allocations (farming etc. non Venture)
Audit (Metavault.Trade)

Q4 2022:

Work in progress for the extension of perpetual features into Metavault.Trade (synthetics & forex)
Working on implementing Options trading into Metavault.Trade
Joint venture development of a blockchain infrastructure project
Joint venture development for cross-chain leverage trading.
New Leaderboard and Analytics Dashboard for Metavault.Trade to improve and support developments

Q1 2023:

Audit (Metavault DAO).
A new dApp for Metavault.Trade to improve and support major developments.
Metavault.Trade Multichain Expansion
Launch of Leverage aggregation with cross-chain support on Metavault.Trade.
A new dApp for Metavault.Trade to improve and support major developments
Launch Options Trading into Metavault.Trade
Launch synthetics & forex trading features on Metavault.Trade.
Metavault.Trade cross-platform integration (first on Polygon)
Deploy isolated Vault & Metavault.Trade Arbitrage bot on BSC

Q2 2023:

Development of an on-chain (SC-based) Sportsbook
Watch this space for more.