Metavault is the premiere DAO VC and incubator on the Ethereum blockchain. Metavault DAO aims to be the world's smartest DAO-directed treasury, applying unique strategies based on holistic research.

As a DAO, Metavault will be directed and governed by the very people that use the platform, with all decisions taken democratically by the members of the DAO. This is in direct contrast to the way in which the traditional financial market operates, where centralized institutions dictate policies and the customers or ‘users’ have no choice but to acquiesce.

Metavault's Purpose

Metavault was created as a method of addressing the cryptocurrency world’s over reliance on fiat-backed stablecoins. The decentralized reserve currency protocol is based around the native MVD token, the value of which derives from a basket of assets under Metavault’s control, known as the ‘treasury’.

The MVD token is not pegged to a specific fiat value like regular stablecoins. Rather, it operates as a store of value, using the treasury to back the issuance and value of MVD tokens. Instead of borrowing it like stablecoins do, Metavault owns its liquidity.

Metavault is not the first decentralised reserve currency protocol in the cryptocurrency space, but it is designed to be one of the more robust. The Metavault team has comprehensively redeveloped a number of crucial issues that this first round of decentralised reserve currencies have encountered that have led to massive crashes in the valuation of their tokens. These crashes were primarily due to relentless token minting in order to maintain high APYs and a limited number of earning strategies other than staking. Conversely, the MVD token is designed to have a much lower rate of inflation with the target of actually becoming deflationary in time. Unlike these first iterations, Metavault revenue rewards are not paid out in the native token, which means there is less sell pressure on the token.

Metavault doesn’t exist to serve whales and increase their holdings. We have developed the protocol for investors of any size, to allow anyone who has lost out in the great fiat currency experiment a chance to actually make their money work for them for a change. Metavault does not decide to change monetary policy one day, leaving you to deal with the consequences. Instead, we are a transparent community that takes decisions in a democratic fashion, allowing those who are passionate about the platform to help shape its future.

Metavault was built from an insider’s perspective of what makes a good community and a strong project. The team is convinced that as the project and the community grows it will grow into a partnership between the representatives in the DAO and the user base rather than being a service offering.

MakerDAO is an example of a project that has sought to avoid traditional fiat backing by using a basket of cryptocurrencies to balance out the value of its DAI token, but this is still pegged to a dollar in value. While this principle of backing a coin with a treasury is similar to the concept within Metavault, the idea is for the MVD token to increase in value over time while still having a treasury to rely on to rebalance it. This makes it a more attractive option to potential investors.

Whenever the price of MVD falls below the backing price, the protocol buys back and burns MVD tokens to maintain this price, ensuring that the MVD Price will be held above the calculated backing price. The Metavault treasury holds enough reserves relative to the total supply to be able to keep buying and burning tokens whenever necessary.

Where to Buy MVD

MVD can be acquired on Camelot or on MEXC (CEX).

Participating in the Metavault Protocol

There are different ways to participate in the Metavault protocol. After bonding, you may stake your MVD in the Governance Staking + (6,6). Bonding involves providing cryptocurrencies in exchange for discounted MVD which are released over the defined vesting period. Staking involves providing your MVD in return for gMVD, which is the staked version of the MVD token, with rewards accumulating in wETH. In addition to that, you can wrap your sMVD tokens to receive gMVD, which, if staked and locked for 14 days, makes you eligible to receive additional rewards (partial revenue stream distribution prize pool) and is a requirement to participate in the DAO governance.

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