Metavault DAO


Staking is the primary method by which the MVD token will accrue value over time.
If you don't have any MVD, first either bond another token into MVD.
Check the guides below.

6,6 Governance Staking+

This strategy is exclusive to Metavault and allows for voting on DAO proposals. Stakers are afforded DAO governance rights for the vesting period, allowing them to have a say on the Metavault VC investment strategy, token burn rates and so on.
6,6 stakers are required to stake MVD tokens and will in return receive revenue from various sources including external yield farms, protocol partnerships, existing investments, and more.
6,6 Governance Staking+ comes with a minimum 28-day vesting period and a hard lock-up, meaning you will receive your rewards during this time (claimable) but won’t have the option to withdraw unless you are willing to accept a penalty of 25% (burning). The profit share allocated to 6,6 stakers is capped at 20%.

How to Stake gMVD (6,6)

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