Staking is the primary method by which the MVD token will accrue value over time.



This strategy is exclusive to Metavault and allows for voting on DAO proposals. Stakers are afforded DAO governance rights for the vesting period, allowing them to have a say on the Metavault VC investment strategy, token burn rates and so on.

Stakers are required to stake MVD tokens and will in return receive revenue from various sources including external yield farms, protocol partnerships, existing investments, and more.

Staking comes with a minimum 14-day vesting period and a hard lock-up, meaning you will receive your rewards during this time (claimable) but won’t have the option to withdraw unless you are willing to accept a penalty of 50% (burning). The profit share allocated to stakers is capped at 50%.

In order to participate in the revenue share of the Metavault DAO you need to vest your MVD to gMVD, and then allocate them for the Dividends share (stake gMVD).

Let us show you how it works next with some quick tutorials ->

How to vest MVD to get gMVD:

On the left hand bar on our application click on the page 'gMVD'. Make sure you have switched to the Arbitrum network.

Please enter the amount of the MVD that you want to exchange for gMVD.

You can use the buttons with the varying percentage indications below, in order to let it automatically calculate the portion of MVD that you would like it to exchange for gMVD.

Then, simply click on 'Get gMVD'

Finally, approve the transaction in your wallet.

How to stake:

In order to begin staking and to be able to earn dividends shares please head to the Dividends Page on our application.

Once there, click on the yellow button on the right handside of the dashboard that says 'Stake'.

Then, a pop-up will appear, asking you to enter the amount of gMVD that you want to stake.

Please now enter the amount of gMVD that you would like to stake and earn dividends allocations from:

After having entered your amount of choice, just click on the yellow button below saying 'Approve gMVD' and approve the transaction in your wallet.

That's it! Now you should be able to see your total allocations on the right hand side of the Dividends dashboard, showing you the amount of gMVD that you have staked.

See the next section on how to claim your dividends.

How to claim Dividends:

First head to the Dividends section, which you can locate at the left hand side bar:

Please note you will only be able to claim dividends if you have already accumulated gMVD earning dividends.

In order to claim your dividends, click on the ‘Claim’ button which is right under ‘Your Dividends’.

Please confirm the transaction in your wallet and you have claimed your dividends. The wETH is now in your wallet.

How to unstake gMVD:

Should you want to unstake your gMVD, please click the blue button on the right side of the dashboard that says 'Unstake'.

Once clicked, a pop up will appear, asking you to enter the amount of gMVD you are willing to unstake.

Having entered your chosen amount of gMVD that you would like to unstake, please click on the yellow button below that says 'Unstake', then approve the transaction in your wallet.

How to unvest gMVD to MVD:

In order to unvest gMVD, please head to the gMVD site on our application.

Click on '+Add'.

Then, A pop-up will appear, asking you to enter the amount you want to unvest:

  • Enter the amount of gMVD that you want to redeem and the length that you want the vesting to be.

  • You can specify the duration you want the vesting process to last using the + and - buttons.

  • After that, click on 'Unvest'.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Please note that Minimum Vesting is 15 days and Maximum Vesting time is 6 Months

  • Dividends are automatically earned.


The redeem process to convert gMVD to MVD implies vesting, the duration of which is selected by the user. The conversion ratio will increase proportionally with the vesting duration:

  • The minimum vesting duration of 15 days will provide a 1:0.5 ratio

  • The maximum vesting duration of 6 months will provide a 1:1 ratio

*If the selected vesting duration is lower than that

Dividends allocation

While being redeemed, the gMVD is automatically allocated to the dividends plugin, but only for 50% of its value. Payout is now in wETH

*For instance if a user was to redeem 1000 gMVD, he will earn dividends as if he actually allocated 500 of them to the Dividends plugin.

This allocation is automatically canceled once the vesting duration has ended.

How to cancel redeem

Any gMVD redeeming process can be freely interrupted at any time by the user.

Any canceled redeem before its end will void the whole process. User will retrieve its entire amount of redeeming gMVD and no MVD.

How to Transfer gMVD

gMVD is by Default non-transferable, except from/to whitelisted addresses.

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