Bridging Rewards to Arbitrum

A quick tutorial on how to unstake your MVD rewards from Ethereum to Arbitrum, as our DAO has recently undergone a Migration.

How to unstake my MVD on Ethereum:

As Metavault DAO has recently migrated to Arbitrum, you firstly need to make sure that you have claimed your rewards first on Ethereum and have bridged the MVD to Arbitrum before you can proceed with Staking on Arbitrum. (To see a guide on how Staking works on Arbitrum, please check it here)

So, in order to unstake your MVD and claim your rewards on Ethereum, head over to our Gov Staking page.

Once there, make sure you are connected to your wallet and please make sure that you are connected to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Press on the long yellow button that says 'Unstake and Claim' in order to unstake your MVD and claim your rewards.

Then, approve and confirm the transaction. You should now have the MVD in your wallet.

How to bridge my MVD from Ethereum to Arbitrum:

In order to bridge your unstaked and claimed MVD to the Arbitrum Network, please head to the Arbitrum official bridge

Once there, make sure you are connected and have MVD in your wallet.

  • Enter the amount of MVD that you want to bridge

  • Click on 'Move funds to Arbitrum One' once you're done.

  • Approve the transaction in your wallet

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