Metavault DAO

What is Metavault?

Metavault is a blockchain-based community controlled investment platform and decentralized venture capital vehicle that allows anyone to invest in the latest and most profitable blockchain, DeFi and metaverse projects and strategies.
Metavault scours the crypto landscape for disruptive new projects or protocols and allocates treasury funds into the most promising instruments at an early stage to capture the best rewards.
The rewards from these investments are paid out to investors, who can also benefit from the success of the platform by staking the MVD token associated with it and earning further rewards.
One of the core tenets of Metavault is the fact that the investment strategy is dictated by the Metavault DAO members, with various key aspects such as the traditional investment selection and the inflow and outflow of funds, including profit distribution, voted on by the community.
Voting over these specifics takes place every 28 days, with the voting mechanism taking the form of a revolutionary (6,6) Governance Staking+ model. This model requires interested parties to stake in-house gMVD tokens for 28 days, giving them voting rights on DAO proposals for that length of time as well as entitling them to revenue from numerous sources including external yield farms, protocol partnerships and existing investments.
These stakers will also be offered special incentives and other ad-hoc rewards in return for their actions in driving the project forward.

Investment Opportunities in an Expanding Market

So how do potential investments get identified in the first place? Metavault has a team of highly skilled specialists whose sole purpose is to scour the DeFi landscape and identify projects that have the potential to offer the best combination of risk versus reward, often taking advantage of early APYs which are typically high in the early days of a project. Not only does this team have a fundamental knowledge of the DeFi space, they also have an in-depth knowledge of the technical aspects of smart contracts, meaning they can analyse a project’s code and work out how mechanisms can be used and optimised for the benefit of Metavault users. The proposals are put forward to the DAO, which votes on which ones to allocate funds to.
There will be smaller scale profit opportunities such as yield generating protocols that will have base allocations available to them on a continual rolling basis rather than being voted on individually, as fast execution is crucial.
If this team finds a project that has a high potential of return but comes at a cost (protocol or platform fees), the Metavault team has the technical skills to bring the project’s open source code in-house and refine it so that these costs are minimised or even eliminated altogether.
This allows Metavault to adapt and improve exciting new protocols for our users, for example to improve a yield or make a smart contract even smarter. We can even merge elements of one or more protocols to create our unique instruments, pushing innovations for the blockchain space. Developments like this can allow Metavault to generate automated low risk leverage farming as an avenue of low level yet consistent profit generation, while we also have the ability to offer auto compounding features to make sure that you don’t miss out on opportunities.
It is important to note here that we are not taking another protocol’s code for our benefit. We will only ever utilise open-source software, and will reward the best performing instruments with financial contributions to the creators from the treasury, which will be voted on by the DAO community.

In-house Development Allows for Exciting New Products

Metavault is a true DeFi 2.0 project. DeFi 2.0 looks to build on the innovations and successes of DeFi 1.0 but with a number of key improvements, including reduced levels of risk and a wider variety of instruments for users to take advantage of. DeFi 2.0 also offers more sustainable liquidity protocols, for example through our various bonding and staking processes, while the use of the Fantom blockchain means that transactions will be faster and cheaper than with DeFi 1.0 protocols, ensuring that even the smallest players won’t see their rewards eaten up by transaction costs.
Along with creating our own DeFi instruments, the Metavault team also has the capability to design and implement a range of algorithms to take advantage of market conditions, such as flash bots and sandwich bots, which are very hard to operate in a profitable way for anyone but the biggest players. The Metavault treasury can also grant interest free flash loans to its own bots, enabling micro profit generating on arbitrage bot strategies that are only profitable without loan fees or own liquidity. These initiatives will give our investors an edge over regular market participants.
A key design aspect of Metavault was to design a protocol that could generate sustainable profits regardless of market conditions. Metavault investors will have the opportunity to continue to earn passive income even in market downtrends.
As the name suggests, Metavault has one foot in the burgeoning world of the metaverse and is already actively facilitating ways to generate profit from the nascent space. Our initial target is to generate passive incomes through metaverse billboard space acquisition, something that has massive potential as the metaverse grows. We have already seen brands such as Boohoo take out billboard adverts in the metaverse, while Facebook and Instagram owner Meta is spending billions of dollars on a metaverse advertising platform. Advertising is just one of hundreds of opportunities that will be created for those who get in early on the right plays. Our team aims to do just this, keeping on top of developments in the metaverse space while staying one step ahead of the competition for the best gains.
Alongside sourcing and gaining early entry into newly launched products, the Metavault team will also seek out the best seed funding deals in both the metaverse and DeFi spaces. Funded by the Metavault treasury and voted on by the DAO, these investments will be in cutting edge protocols in both spaces that the Metavault team feels represent the best possible returns.

Invest in the Future with Metavault

Metavault has a clear goal in mind – to allow anyone and everyone to invest in the quickly growing DeFi and Metaverse spaces. We believe that investment opportunities like this should not be reserved for “whales” but should be open to anyone with an interest in seeing these ecosystems flourish. Our platform will ensure that there are no barriers to investment in the next generation of technological development, building our own protocols as well as investing in promising other protocols.
Allied to this, our MVD reserve currency with its buyback and burn mechanism represents an opportunity for anyone to support the Metavault platform by holding tokens through our various staking and bonding instruments. Our DAO structure also ensures that Metavault is run by its own community, following the principles of decentralisation that underpin the blockchain and cryptocurrency ethos.
Metavault is a prime example of what the DeFi 2.0 movement is all about. The protocol allows anyone looking for exposure in the DeFi and metaverse spaces to do just that without having to have deep pockets or big connections, allowing regular people to invest in the latest innovations in the space. It also allows anyone wishing to go further into the DeFi world and actually contribute to run a DAO to do just that, helping shape the direction of Metavault.
Metavault represents the best of what the DeFi and metaverse spaces have to offer, allowing even the most amateur investors the opportunity to enjoy the wide range of benefits that this new era of financial freedom promises.